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Leadership and Succession Planning

For most nonprofit organizations, the term succession planning should no longer be limited to grooming a select individual to fill a key position. Few community-based nonprofits are large enough to have that depth of expertise on staff. We suggest a more systematic approach to nonprofit succession planning — leadership planning that integrates strategic planning, performance reviews, knowledge management, leadership development and transition, and emergency succession planning.

Transition Management and Searches

A change in staff leadership is one of the most important, challenging and powerful opportunities your organization will face. Properly managed, it enables your organization to change leadership, maintain momentum and strengthen its capacity.

Each transition is unique and usually far more complex than the simple hiring decision it appears to be. Leadership in Transition goes beyond candidate searches. We help you prepare for and hire the individual who can most effectively partner with the board to lead the agency toward its goals.

Training and Presentations

In addition to consulting, Leadership in Transition provides customized training and support. We offer workshops, conference presentations, leadership retreats, as well as individual mentoring for board and staff leadership.

Contact us to find out more about training for the following:

  • Thriving as an Executive Director
  • Attracting and Retaining Nonprofit Leadership
  • Balance vs. Burnout for Nonprofit Leaders
  • Beyond Succession Planning: Leadership Planning for the Nonprofit Sector
  • Should I Stay or Should I Go?: Managing Your Own Career Transition
  • The Board-Executive Director Partnership


"A leadership change puts everyone into transition. Handling the change well is only half of the solution. The other half is managing the transition." --William Bridges

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